Books for Artists

I really love books and here are 3 great ones that every artist should read.  They’re easy to read on the commute to work or during a break in the day.  Enjoy! 

In this book, author Neil Gaiman shares his insights on creativity, dealing with failure and the importance of making good art.  It’s honest and straight from the heart.  To expand on this, I suggest carrying a notebook with you at all times to scribble down any inspiring quotes you come across.  There are plenty of musicians, film makers, chefs, photojournalists and painters who have given us access to their lives and shared their experiences.  Keep an open mind and never stop learning.

I often meet people who tell me they’d love to get back into drawing, but there’s never enough time in the day.  If that sounds like you, this book will help.  The author has plenty of fun ideas to squeeze a bit of art into your daily routine.  And it’s not about having Picasso like talent or a fancy New York studio, all you need is a pen, sketchbook and a few minutes each day.

 “Making art slows us down enough to see the details, the wrinkles, the world within worlds.  Without it, life is just a blur of CliffsNotes, movie trailers, and microwave entrees.  Is that really what you want?” - Danny Gregory

I couldn’t agree more!

There has never been a better time to be an artist.  In the past, getting exposure for your art meant hoping to be picked by the major record companies, Hollywood studios, big book publishers and large galleries.  That way of operating excluded many artists and has largely collapsed, leaving us free to pick ourselves.  To learn how to do that, you need to read this book by Austin Kleon.  Also check out his first book, Steal Like An Artist (don’t worry it’s not about plagiarism)

I've included this 4th book because it helped steer me back to making art and doing meaningful work.  It's not about art per se, but about taking steps towards the kind of life you want, whether it's opening up a bed & breakfast or going out in the world to do some good, there are plenty of examples that will inspire.  Far too many people spend their working hours in constant fear and choose to settle for silent misery in their grey cubicles.  Don’t let that person be you!